The Cohabitation Bill

The institute of cohabitation is no new phenomenon in the Maltese culture, yet, it is one within the ambit of Maltese law. This lack of legislation has left cohabiting couples with no rights at law, both pending the relationship itself and even after its termination, whether by choice or by death. Consequently, the Government has now proposed a cohabitation Bill aimed at securing cohabitants’ rights at law, whether of the same or of different sex.
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Cohabitation for gay couples

Cohabitation is a state of fact, a choice made by several couples and a social reality, and the government is therefore obliged to regulate it by law. Previously¬† cohabitation for gay couples in Malta was not regulated at all but with the proposed change of the cohabitation bill on the 28th of august 2012 it would be regulated. Continue reading “Cohabitation for gay couples”