Sultana legal

Welcome to the website of Dr. Josette Sultana who owns and runs a successful and established law firm in Malta. Dr. Josette Sultana offers services in all areas of the Maltese and international law. Together with a team of experts in their respective fields she has a vast experience in all fields imaginable. The main objective of the firm is to find solutions for problems that may arise in relation to the law both to local and international clients.

Even though geographically the island is only limited in its dimensions we try to accommodate our regular clients to the best of our abilities. For this purpose the offices of the firm are located in two localities with one in Hamrun and another one in the northern part of the island in Mellieha. In order to better accommodate the needs of our clients both offices open twice weekly and on other times as per appointment. For a detailed route description to the offices of Dr Sultana legal advice please refer to the contact page on this website.

It is of great satisfaction when new clients approach the firm, after being recommended by former clients that were satisfied with the service provided. It is client satisfaction what drives the team of Sultana legal services to excel and to offer each new client the quality service they deserve.

We tackle a complexity of cases which range from inheritance issues, both locally and overseas, family matters, separations, annulments and divorce given by foreign courts that has to be registered in the Maltese jurisdiction. The newly effected divorce legislation regarding the divorce in Malta which is a very innovative legislation in the Maltese jurisdiction and we are fully able to implement this legislation in practice. Without saying this also goes for any other matters related to family law where Sultana legal puts the benefit of all concerned upfront without losing focus on our client’s needs.

Matters concerning company law are safe in our hands; we have an elaborated list of companies who are using our services of which some of them for many years. Property related matters often directly touch people’s homes and have to be handled with great care. This is one more subject where the expertise of Sultana legal comes to the benefit of our clients. Screening contracts for letting and leasing, writing final- and preliminary contracts or the redemption of ground rent, all property related matters are safe in our hands.
When it comes to inheritance issues there often is a great deal of emotion involved. We are sensitive to these emotions and at all times try to keep things as simple as possible whilst ensuring the best for our clients.

At the core of any law firm would be the litigation in court. The extensive experience and innovative nature of Dr Josette Sultana and the, to the office related team of experts, will ensure the best possible representation for our clients. Still better than any court case would be alternative dispute resolution, it is a motto that any case solved outside court is a case solved well. This motto will ensure an acceptable outcome for all parties involved against the lowest cost. Very often cases can be solved by mediation or arbitration and this service is offered by Sultana legal. A full description of our services offered can be found elsewhere on this website.

In order to better meet the needs of our clients we offer a one-stop-shop. Sultana legal is supported by the services of notaries, accountants, mediators and councilors. The team is focused on the needs of our clients so that it will assist our clients in order to reach a satisfactory solution in a timely manner. A deep analysis of the individual situation and a made to measure solution is a standard practice in the firm. We believe that every client requires individual attention and that the solutions are different for every situation.